What are the Vibration Exposure Limits and Values?

The Regulations set two A8 daily vibration levels to help you control vibration exposure. These are named Exposure Action Value and Exposure Limit Value and you can read more about them and the levels they're set in this short article.... Read More »

Noise Monitoring Equipment – Find The Best Equipment For You

At Castle Group Ltd we supply the industry's leading brands of noise monitoring equipment, as well as manufacturing our own range of innovative sound monitoring instruments since 1971. We pride ourselves on providing the right advice for your intended use, even if that means supplying instruments of another manufacture.... Read More »

7 Steps to Compliance with the Noise at Work Regulations

Carrying out a noise at work risk assessment to the Noise at Work Regulations can be a daunting task – especially if you’re new to the subject. It can seem that the more you read, the more confused it can all become. It is for that reason that we have decided to put together this simple guide covering 7 steps to consider as part of a successful Noise at Work Risk Assessment.... Read More »

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