How are you Managing HAVS?

Do you really need to measure the vibration level of your tools?

Managing HAVS (Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome) in the workplace as in the Control of Vibration at Work Regulations 2005 involves many activities and means bringing together health surveillance, maintenance, training, exposure monitoring and vibration reduction. Within this mix somewhere lies the actual measurement of vibration levels. You can find out the numbers from manufacturers, websites or from similar organisations to you. So why would you ever measure the levels yourself? During this short webinar, I will look at what you should consider when deciding on whether you need to measure in house or not.

The purpose of the Webinar is to enable you to start tackling HAVS in your workplace and ensure that your employees are protected from vibration exposure injuries, and your organisation is protected from injury claims and fines.

This is a great opportunity to help you start a HAVS management programme in your organisation, or to brush up on your knowledge to ensure you’re still on the right tracks.

The best part?

It’s absolutely free.

Hand Arm Vibration – 1 Hour Webinar

Start managing the risks of Hand Arm Vibration more effectively with this FREE Webinar download.

Webinar presented by Simon Bull, an industry leading professional in the subject of Hand Arm Vibration. Start protecting your employees and your company today.

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"Very interesting webinar and will definitely help me with reviewing this area with our clients in the future."
Karl Curtis

"Already attended your 3 day Competency Course some time ago and interesting to keep up with latest legistation and recommendations to improve testing & recording requirements."
Bob Bishop

"Well presented refresher webinar. Concise and easy to understand. Great update"
Janice Dodge

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